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How To Solve The Problem That The Internet Is Still Not Available After The Router Is Set Up

2022-05-06 10:17:39

1. Use the RESET button (hole) to restore the router to the factory state, and set up the router according to the instructions again, and try to see if you can access the Internet.


2. If you have set up the router according to the instructions, but cannot complete a certain step, and the content displayed on the page is different from the instructions, please try to change a browser or change a computer to set up the router.



3. If the router is connected and all devices cannot access the Internet, then the big reason is that the router Internet account and password you filled in are wrong. Solution: Click the router management interface, and reset the router's Internet dial-up account and password. If individual devices cannot access the Internet



4. Use the device to open the router management address. If the login address of the router cannot be opened, please use a device that can access the Internet to reopen the router management address to modify the wireless name.



5.LAN port settings

Use a wired computer to connect to the router's LAN port, log in to the management interface, click Wireless Settings, modify the wireless name and save it. If it is a desktop computer, you cannot access the Internet.

6. Router address

Please try to use the computer to log in to the router address. If the router address cannot be opened, it means that the computer cannot obtain the correct IP address and cannot access the Internet.

7. Login

Use a browser to log in to (for different routers, you can check the router's manual)

8. Make web settings

Log in to the router management interface. If you have not set a password, you can use the default username and password to log in (it is in the router manual, usually admin)

Supplement: If it is an ADSL connection, please select PPPoE in the WAN port connection type, and then enter the user name and password of your fixed phone number as the Internet account.

9. If you follow the instructions to set up the router completely, please refer to the following common problems to solve

What should I do if the WAN port address does not obtain an IP address?

1. Check whether the WAN port indicator of the router connected to the broadband line is always on or flashing. If it is not on, please reconnect the network cable or change the network cable to connect.

2. Check: management interface - running status - WAN port status '' shows whether the Internet access mode is correct, if not, please reset the WAN port connection mode.

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