What Can You Do With 5G?

2022-05-18 15:16:25

The 5G network offers more bandwidth, speed, capacity and customization options compared to the 4G networks. These advantages offer countless opportunities for innovation. Some examples of 5G applications


5G for cars

By installing 5G networks on and/or around roads, smart cars can be connected to a 5G network; vehicle to network. Cars communicate with each other – decentralized or via a government platform – and coordinate behavior with each other. Traffic lights are also connected to maximize throughput. 

Vehicle-to-pedestrians refers to the communication between cars and people. In an emergency, for example, an ambulance can alert a cyclist or pedestrian that they are approaching.

Smart City

Internet of Things (LOT) applications in urban areas make life easier. Lampposts that broadcast WiFi, smart garbage cans with sensors that indicate when it is full, coordinated traffic lights so that public services are on site earlier and automating public transport are concrete possibilities.

5G connectivity

It is expected that the roll-out of the 5G mobile network will replace a substantial part of the fixed internet network, certainly in areas that are already too expensive to be glazed, in rural areas or in large new construction projects.


Consumers and companies will also increasingly choose to switch to ‘5G at home’ instead of purchasing a fiber optic or VDSL connection from the provider. This can be easily done by using 5G routers for the home, 5G routers for the office and 5G routers for business and M2M/LOT applications.


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