What Is The 4G Module For?

2022-06-13 16:58:19

4G module refers to adding hardware to a specific frequency band, supporting the LTE standard with software, and a general term for highly integrated software and hardware module products. It is characterized by fast communication speed, wide network spectrum and flexible communication. The hardware integrates radio frequency and baseband on a PCB, and realizes functions such as wireless reception, transmission, and baseband signal processing. The software supports voice dialing, SMS receiving, dial-up Internet access.




4G module application

1.Self-service terminals need big data network transmission. Through the high-speed networking of 4G modules, all business data and equipment operation status of the terminal are transmitted to the business center in real time, which can reduce the operating cost of the business center and achieve large-scale operation. 


2.Using 4G module, real-time collection of express cabinet business data, monitoring of the safety status of express boxes, real-time and stable 24-hour continuous transmission, reducing the operating cost of express companies and improving the service efficiency of express companies.


3.In order to solve the problems of scattered distribution and maintenance of public bicycles in the city, the 4G module is used to connect the rental points in real time, transmit the location of bicycle piles and vehicle information in real time, improve the scale and timeliness management of rental points, and improve service quality.


4.The mine monitoring sensor is connected to the DTU, and the 4G module is connected to the network equipment, and the collected data is transmitted to the management monitoring platform in real time, so as to ensure the mine safety, fast and safe fault diagnosis, ensure construction safety, and avoid the operator's fault. Irregular operation.



5. The charging pile realizes 4G module networking through the network, and quickly transmits a large amount of real-time data and real-time monitoring information to the business center and users, so that the status of the charging pile can be better managed, saving manpower, material resources, and reducing costs.


6. The application of the 4G network module makes the bus vehicle completely intelligent, so that the passengers can easily connect to the Internet and check the bus travel information at any time, thereby saving the travel time of the passengers and improving the city image.


In addition, 4G modules have been widely used in vehicle video surveillance, handheld law enforcement terminals, industrial tablet computers, industrial routers and other fields, realizing high-speed network communication in the M2M field.




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