What Is The Role Of 4G Industrial Routers

2022-05-19 14:06:15

What is the function of 4G industrial routers,and how is it different from common ordinary routers? This is a question that most people think about when they understand industrial routers. 4G routers are based on ordinary common routers, adding 4G Dial-up function for wireless networking. The 4G dial-up function is divided into two types: built-in and external. The built-in means that the 4G module is built into the PCB board, and the inserted SIM card is used to receive base station signals for networking. External is to connect the 4G network card to the USB interface to realize dial-up Internet access, that is, to realize Internet sharing.



The wireless router is mainly to realize the Internet access function of a whole batch of computers in the case of inconvenient to connect the network cable. The 4G industrial router is an industrial version added on the basis of the 4G router. It has a highly stable transmission function and is suitable for use in harsh outdoor environments with high temperature and cold.



4G industrial routers can enjoy fast networking anytime, anywhere when the network is covered. 

The unattended computer room can remotely monitor the computer room environment and control the terminal equipment in real time; the smart bus can interact remotely through the 4G industrial router to realize a dynamic mobile communication system that communicates between vehicles and the public network. The charging pile project can send data in real time through the 4G industrial router, and realize the remote management of charging piles everywhere, which is simple and practical. Industrial or power automation, through remote data detection and real-time data transmission, real-time remote data transmission.



We can simply understand the role of the 4G industrial router as a device that connects different networks to each other. It is needed in places where it is inconvenient to arrange network cables, where communication needs need to be realized, and where things are connected. The birth of 4G industrial routers accelerates the pace of entering the era of intelligent industry!



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