What To Focus On When Purchasing Industrial 4G Routers

2022-08-10 13:28:50

In the field of electronic production, the production process of 4G industrial routers is more complicated. The investment cost of such technology-intensive enterprises is high and the period for obtaining benefits is long. As a buyer, the purchase of 4G industrial routers must depend on the R&D capabilities of the manufacturers. After evaluating the overall quality of its products, select the products of the shortlisted merchants.

What to focus on when purchasing industrial 4G routers

1. Scope of application

The selection of high-quality 4G industrial routers does not need to consider home-level routers. Its scope of application should be selected according to the requirements of the project. Just choose a 4G industrial router that matches all parameters. For example, the temperature of outdoor industrial projects in Northeast China is about minus zero in winter. It is necessary to choose a 4G industrial router with a wide temperature range to operate normally at such a temperature. In projects with relatively high interface requirements, select devices with high transmission speed.

2. Function selection


The function selection of the 4G industrial router is similar to the selection of the scope of application. They are all 4G routers with appropriate parameters according to the project requirements. If you have special function requirements, you can also choose customized products. The communication interface is usually WLAN port and G interface. For example, some one-stop 4G industrial routers do not have serial ports, which cannot meet the needs of internal serial ports to connect to the network. Some projects do not need Too many WAN ports can choose a router with fewer WAN ports.

3. Operator selection


From the operator's point of view, 4G industrial routers can be divided into multiple types. 4G industrial routers can be suitable for most projects. Pay attention to the operator's various frequency bands as appropriate. The choice of the number of devices is mainly based on the actual scale of the project and the number of Internet access devices. Usually in the shopping mall environment, there are many access devices, and it is necessary to choose a 4G industrial router with a higher capacity.

Before purchasing a 4G industrial router, you can use it for a period of time to see how the overall stability of the router is, because whether it is used by enterprises or at home, it must be required to reduce volatility while ensuring high-level transmission. The stability of the router is also a measure of its overall stability. One of the important parameters of quality, you can also ask the factory staff for the basic information of the router.

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