5G Router

Main products include OpenWRT Wifi Router, 4G 5G Router, Wi-Fi 6 Router, Mesh Router, Vehicle Router, Outdoor CPE, AP, 4G Hotspot with Battery, 4G USB Dongle, etc

What is 5g router? 5G routers are super-high-speed industrial Internet of Things routers, compatible with 5G/4G/3.5G/3G/2.5G networks across the board. The 5G international technical standard focuses on meeting the needs of flexible and diverse IoT. Based on OFDMA and MIMO basic technologies, 5G adopts a new and flexible system design to support three major application scenarios. In terms of frequency bands, unlike 4G supporting medium and low frequencies, considering the limited resources of medium and low frequencies, 5G supports both medium and low frequency and high-frequency bands. The medium and low frequencies meet the coverage and capacity requirements, and the high frequency meets the demand for increased capacity in hotspots. 5G is aimed at A unified technical solution is designed for the low frequency and high frequency, and supports a basic bandwidth of 100 MHz. As a 5g router manufacturer, in order to support high-speed transmission and better coverage, 5G adopts LDPC, Polar's new channel coding scheme, and larger-scale antenna technology with stronger performance. In order to support low latency and high reliability, 5G uses technologies such as short frames, fast feedback, and multi-layer/multi-station data retransmission.